Kadett7 We found out about Kadett whilst flicking through the entertainment section of the newspaper on the weekend and were pleasantly surprised to learn it was just a short 5 minute walk from our house. Located in an old mechanics workshop, this sweet little cafe does minimalist well. It’s an interesting setup; as you first enter there is a neat little shop with a small selection of clothing, and also a one woman hairdressing salon. The cafe itself is totally zen with white painted brick walls, organic tables and bookcases and some great greenery which add to the calm feel of the place. We were greeted at the counter by a lovely lady who was happy to smile for a photo (though my camera caught her too soon) and couldn’t fault the friendly service we received. My boyfriend and I both commented that we felt like we were hanging out at someone’s house – the place had such a great vibe.
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Staveley Cafe & Store


Right, so I know that my first blog post being about a cafe not even in Christchurch isn’t ideal, but it’s just how it’s going to be, okay? Over the long weekend my boyf and I took a little road trip into the middle of the South Island to make the most of what was likely to be the last chance that we would have to go camping before the weather got too cold. As it turns out, that point had been and gone. Regardless of that, we braved the crisp conditions and had an epic weekend anyway. On Monday morning we packed up the tent and went for a mission out to see the Sharplin Falls which are located along the Mount Somers Track. The track was officially closed, and I’m not recommending that anyone go against their advice and go on it anyway, but we did and it was totally worth it. The spot where the falls are is pretty gorg, and I can imagine on a nice hot day it would be a great spot for a wee dip.

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And so it begins…

A couple of coffees
A flat white and a long black or 2 flat whites? You’d never know…

I’ve drank (drunk? seriously, good start Kylie!) coffee for as long as I can remember and am not exactly sure when I began to really  love it, but I do know that my obsession has grown preeeetty strong over the last few years. Recently I relocated to Christchurch and I’ve been insanely, superbly, amazingly impressed with the calibre of cafes in the area that I decided that I was going on a coffee drinking mission this year and was going to test out every single cafe in Christchurch and write about it. It seemed like an achievable goal, with Christchurch being so much smaller than Auckland, but I’m fast learning there are more coffee shops than I originally anticipated and with the fast growth of this awesome city, I really hope I can keep up.

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