Gentle Giant

Looking for somewhere toasty and warm this winter? Then THIS is your place. The temperature may require you to de-layer substantially, but you’ll definitely feel right at home with the sweet atmosphere at Gentle Giant.

The space has a fabulous combination of industrial vibes, teamed with an op-shop, bric-a-brac feel with its wooden somewhat mismatched furniture and Turkish rugs on the floor. It is nice and spacious, and although generally pretty busy, I’ve been pretty lucky to bag a table every visit.

They have a pretty awesome selection of treats to choose from, and on this particular occassion we thought “treat yo’ self” and got some damn tasty cakes from the cabinet.

Serving the delicious Lyttelton Coffee Co coffee, with Barista’s that definitely do the beans justice, it’s definitely a cafe I’ll happily frequent. If you head to work from Sumner way into the city, being located on Ferry Road is a great little detour for your morning coffee stop! It’s not usually too tricky to get parking nearby at the weekends, and my personal fave is the 10 minute park right out front which allows you to duck in and grab your takeaway coffee.

Fast Facts
Space: Very (very!) warm, good amount of tables, cosy space.
Coffee: Lyttelton Coffee Co – 4 outta 5



Address: 158 Ferry Rd, Christchurch
Open: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm. Sat+Sun 8am-4pm

Check them out on FB here

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