Meshino Expresso – Wigram


Sadly, there had to be a first disappointing review and Meshino in Wigram has topped my list of terrible coffee’s recently. I just wanted to be clear that it was the Wigram cafe, as I have not yet visited the St Albans cafe and don’t want to tar it with the same brush. Now, I am an avid Allpress cheerleader so was quite excited to learn this little cafe around the corner from where I’ve been working from the last few weeks had Allpress beans. In the years I’ve been drinking Allpress, I have never had a bad one. Until now.


I’m not exactly sure how they are doing so wrong with their coffees but I’ve given them a few tries recently and each of the 4 coffees was pretty close to undrinkable. It was burnt, over extracted and just tasted pretty dirty. The milk also wasn’t warmed enough, so if I could stand to drink more than a few sips it had to be quick.

To their credit, the cabinet food looked pretty good.


The cafe itself is large and spacious, but had a very “chain cafe” feel about it. It’s the only cafe in the industrial area (currently… I spotted a new gem about to open which I am excited about!) but each time I’ve been there it’s not been overly busy. I tend to avoid peak cafe times though, so that’s potentially why?


The girls that work there are friendly which is probably the main reason I’ve been back and given them a few chances to up their coffee game, but unfortunately this isn’t a cafe I’ll be going back to.

Fast Facts

Space: Spacious, lots of tables, great outdoor area.
Coffee: Allpress – 1 outta 5

Address: 1 Stark Dr, Wigram, Christchurch
Open: Mon-Fri 6:30am-4pm

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