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I have to admit, I’ve walked past this cafe a couple of times in my visits to The Colombo and it didn’t scream “I make great coffee, come inside!”. But as I’m on a mission to test out all the cafe’s in Christchurch I decided to suck it up and give this one a shot today. I actually didn’t realise before I went in but they serve Hummingbird Coffee and in my recent experience it’s a pretty good bean. So provided their barista’s know how to make a decent coffee, then it was most likely going to be a good coffee.

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Upon investigation, I believe the cafe used to be Three Six Three Cafe & Bar, but recently switched to Cheeky Sparrow. I’m not sure if it’s new owners or just a rebrand but if anyone knows I’ll happily update this post. The decor inside has a somewhat country chic vibe, but still had a clean modern-ish feel. The decor is not to my taste and the furniture reminds me of The Coffee Club (or a generic chain coffee shop), which is why I’ve passed this cafe by a few times, but it grew on me a little bit today as I stood and waited for my takeaway flat white.

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The cabinet boasted a pretty tasty looking selection of food, and there was a couple of gluten free options which is always nice to see (my boyfriend is gluten intolerant, so we also judge cafe’s based on their GF offerings!). The food I spotted on the tables around the cafe looked delish, and was well presented and from the looks on the faces of the people eating, I’d go on a limb and say they were all pretty happy with their choices.

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As I left the cafe and took a sip of my coffee, I was pretty stoked with its temperature, flavour and fullness. It was hot but just at the point where you could drink it straight away, the coffee flavour was full with a hint of nuttiness and there was nothing that I could really fault with it. It was a medium richness so not as strong as some of the awesome coffees I’ve had but I was definitely pleased with my purchase. I’d definitely get takeaway coffee from here again and possibly stay for a bite to eat if the weather was nice and I could sit in the outside courtyard. The inside area wasn’t huge and the tables were quite close together, so not ideal for a place to work from.

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Fast Facts
WIFI: I really need to get better at checking this! haha
Space: A decent amount of tables, inside and outside but the inside area was quite cosy.
Coffee: 4 outta 5
Address: The COLOMBO, 363 Colombo St, Christchurch CBD.
Open: Mon-Sat 9am-5.30pm, Sun 10am-5pm

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