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Right, so I know that my first blog post being about a cafe not even in Christchurch isn’t ideal, but it’s just how it’s going to be, okay? Over the long weekend my boyf and I took a little road trip into the middle of the South Island to make the most of what was likely to be the last chance that we would have to go camping before the weather got too cold. As it turns out, that point had been and gone. Regardless of that, we braved the crisp conditions and had an epic weekend anyway. On Monday morning we packed up the tent and went for a mission out to see the Sharplin Falls which are located along the Mount Somers Track. The track was officially closed, and I’m not recommending that anyone go against their advice and go on it anyway, but we did and it was totally worth it. The spot where the falls are is pretty gorg, and I can imagine on a nice hot day it would be a great spot for a wee dip.

Photo: IG @asidal

Aaaaanyway, the point of my story was to explain that there was a reason we happened upon this cute little cafe in the middle of nowhere. It’s located at the intersection of Boyds and Symes Rd’s in Staveley and from what I could tell, was quite a busy little spot for passer-byers. From the outside it looks like your quintessential kiwi cafe/store in a small country town and had the decor and service to match. Although tempted by the delicious looking food they had on offer, we didn’t try any of it but can say without a shadow of a doubt it all looked amazing, was beautifully presented and the prices were all reasonable too.


Staveley Cafe serve Hummingbird Coffee and we were both happy with our drinks; my flat white and the boyf’s long black. The coffee wasn’t burnt, it tasted nice and although it could have been a bit hotter, I was pretty happy with it. We have had a lot of coffee in our time and as a result it now takes a lot to impress us, so be prepared for honest “it was alright/it was good” reviews.


Even though the decor inside was adorable, we decided to sit outside and enjoy the absolutely stellar weather Canterbury was providing over the long weekend, and if you’re lucky enough to have a sunny day when you visit then you should definitely make the most of it too. You’ll hear birds chirping, tractors whirring and you might even be lucky enough to hear the neigh of a horse whose owner has stopped in to grab a coffee. True blue country loveliness.


Fast Facts

WIFI: Nope, you gotta talk here!
Space: Pretty Roomy, plenty of tables.
Coffee: 3.5 outta 5

Address: 2 Burgess Rd, Staveley
Open: Tues-Sun, 9am-4pm

Hugs + Coffee,
Kylie x

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