And so it begins…

A couple of coffees
A flat white and a long black or 2 flat whites? You’d never know…

I’ve drank (drunk? seriously, good start Kylie!) coffee for as long as I can remember and am not exactly sure when I began to really  love it, but I do know that my obsession has grown preeeetty strong over the last few years. Recently I relocated to Christchurch and I’ve been insanely, superbly, amazingly impressed with the calibre of cafes in the area that I decided that I was going on a coffee drinking mission this year and was going to test out every single cafe in Christchurch and write about it. It seemed like an achievable goal, with Christchurch being so much smaller than Auckland, but I’m fast learning there are more coffee shops than I originally anticipated and with the fast growth of this awesome city, I really hope I can keep up.

Takeaway Coffee by the Beach
Takeaway Coffee by the Beach on a weekend away

Originally my plan was for this blog to be solely dedicated to my laptop lifestyle of working from cafes, but I feel as though I wouldn’t be doing justice to the little cafes that promote themselves as “wifi free zones” – not ideal for working from – so I’m going to leave the scope a little bit more open. And this is my blog so I can do what I like. You’ll also soon learn that my reviews pretty much only cover Flat Whites. That’ll be because that’s what I drink. #sorrynotsorry. Whenever I coffee with my boyf or a friend, I’ll be sure to get their opinion on whatever it is they are drinking too. #yourewelcome. Occasionally when I go for coffee I’ll treat myself to brunch or a sweet treat and if I do you’ll be the first to hear about it.

Travel Essentials
Airport stopovers are the perfect excuse for shopping and coffee!

Hugs + Coffee,

Kylie x

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